Paul Mampilly investment advice on the Precision medical revolution

Paul Mampilly is an investor with a knack for getting huge profits on investments done. His interests in stock markets have enabled him to fish out investments opportunities for people to invest in particularly companies with innovative business models. His investment career spans just over 25 years and has seen him serve at various financial institutions [...]

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Barbara Stokes: Balanced Mother, Wife, CEO & Volunteer

We all wish we could find balance between our families and our jobs. Sometimes it can be very difficult to do but it can be done. Barbara Stokes has figured out a way to get [...]

Whitney Wolfe Herd And Her Recognition Of Being Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year

It’s impressive to be selected for a recognition that one deserves. However, the competition for any recognition is intense, especially when the world is fat with talents [...]

Highland Capital Management “Engages” With Bush Center

As one of the Bush Center's founding benefactors, Highland Capital Management's relationship with the Center goes all the way back to 2012, when its initial donations helped [...]

Mighty Fortress Will Assist You to Have a Great Life

Life has become a very complicated affair in the modern times. Everyone is looking for answers to some of the difficulties they are experiencing in the world. Most people have [...]

Should I Switch to Organo Gold Coffee?

I must admit, I have an obsession with food and beverages, anti-aging and outliving my friends. Thus, one of the reasons Organo Gold popped up on my radar, compelling me to [...]

Sentient AI- Artificial Intelligence Incorporation into Hedge Fund

Sentient technologies mainly focus on artificial intelligence. The company operates from San Francisco. Formed in the year 2007 the company has made around $ 143 million over [...]


Are you interested in winning with your haircare products? Then be sure you try a cleansing conditioner today. Haircare has never been so simple! Here's why: 1. It's [...]

Celebrity Myers-Briggs Personality Types Revealed

  Of course, the average person relates to their favorite celebrity and would like to imagine that they share certain similar personality traits. Think about your [...]

Fashion and Leisure Combine to Make One

Athleisure fashion mixes the comfort of active wear with the design of forward fashion. It's a style that is catching on so quickly that sales in the active wear style have [...]

Dress To Impress By Shopping At JustFab

Admit it. You check out everything that the stars are wearing and try to imitate them, right? Many people love to see what the stars are wearing because the stars wear some of [...]