Whitney Wolfe Herd And Her Recognition Of Being Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year

It’s impressive to be selected for a recognition that one deserves. However, the competition for any recognition is intense, especially when the world is fat with talents and so little eyes to pick out the apple in the basket, so to speak. With all the amazing work that people have done lately, it’s not a bit surprising that the world is still blooming with new tech, ideas and progressive creations that had been unforeseen. One of these remarkable people today who have received the recognition of being the Person of the Year for Time Magazine is Whitney Wolfe Herd.

The Feminist Struggle
It is commonly said that we all have to have meaning in our lives to continue doing what we do. Without such preening, it would be hard to find the energy to move on and go about the job we do. In the case of Whitney Wolfe Herd, it’s her passion to fight for what she thinks is right for her that she was able to earn recognition in the feminist sphere. One of her journey’s highlights would have to be when she sued her co-founders in Tinder because of sexual harassment.

While many other workers with inferior moral calibration would prefer to just show a blithe attitude towards such harassment, Ms. Herd did all her best to make sure that justice is served. She had to show the world that she’s a woman of integrity and won’t be silenced by men regarding her career decisions. After leaving Tinder, she entered into the world of online dating on her own and that’s when she started Bumble.

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The Bumble Journey
The genius of the Bumble app she developed today is that it is forcing people to act decently in dealings with women. She aspires that with Bumble, there would be no shady come-ons and other things that would be detrimental to the feminist advocacies that Whitney Wolfe supports. It is also her pride to be able to lead her company with a $1 billion valuation without compromising her advocacy and beliefs.

Also, it’s fantastic that she got involved into this feminism advocacy after getting married to Michael Herd in 2017, establishing her image as someone who would take dating and relationships as serious and decent as possible. By being the founder of Bumble app, Whitney Wolfe has established herself as the champion for feminist rights that no other person or leader can seem to fight for.

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