Sentient AI- Artificial Intelligence Incorporation into Hedge Fund

Sentient technologies mainly focus on artificial intelligence. The company operates from San Francisco. Formed in the year 2007 the company has made around $ 143 million over the years since its establishment. The company tries to incorporate artificial intelligence into the world of e-commerce and also in the field of online trading.

One of the fields artificial intelligence has been incorporated is the hedge fund space. The primary focus is a hedge that carries out stock trades using artificial intelligence and doesn’t need any human assistance ad if humans were to die the trading will continue. Even though the system is automated, it may require modifications now and then, but all the trades are entirely left to the machines. The artificial intelligence software works together and collect data involved on the market and gives out predictions based on their assessments.

Sentient Technologies have worked on AI controlled hedge fund over the years. The company founders Babak Hodjat together with his co-founder has played a role in developing this technology. With 21 patents the company has been able to support Siri which is the apple assistant. The sentient technologies business focuses on enhancing hedge fund with AI engines. The system has the capabilities to go through numerous data. Identify trends and also keeping up with the trends. The artificial intelligence software can enhance trade and assist in identifying investment opportunities hence giving the opportunities to fast actions.

Hodjat says that due to the influx of data in the market it creates a suitable environment for the application of artificial intelligence for quick data analysis in the market. The AI controlled fund analysis may sometimes be mixed up with faster trading, but instead, it does not rely on giving quick money. Its primary purpose is to provide the most efficient and effective trade for a more extended period. Sentient technologies have been using this platform by making use of private investors’ cash. The company has cooperated with JP Morgan Chase creating AI technologies for their hedge fund.

According to Hodjat, the system allows the company to avoid specific investment risk. By offering predictions and trading strategies. With the system collecting data from various platforms, it creates a gene with best data that it provides the user with right trading tools to enable them to trade wisely without being involved in the physical process of data analysis. Hodjat believes with continued work on the system it will allow even a more efficient trading.