Paul Mampilly investment advice on the Precision medical revolution

Paul Mampilly is an investor with a knack for getting huge profits on investments done. His interests in stock markets have enabled him to fish out investments opportunities for people to invest in particularly companies with innovative business models. His investment career spans just over 25 years and has seen him serve at various financial institutions [...]

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Returns Home

Austin Texas recently had Dr. Jennifer Walden, an Austin native, return home to open a cosmetic surgery practice. Before returning to her hometown, the doctor had spent time [...]

Corruption Devastated Wall Street But Helane Morrison Stood For Ethics

In 2007 the US financial markets plunged in value under multiple charges of misconduct and widespread corruption. I was impressed that one of the few to take a stand for [...]

Dick DeVos Backs Marco Rubio for President

In an exclusive interview with The Detroit News, Dick DeVos revealed he and his family decided to back Marco Rubio's candidacy to become the Republican Party's 2016 nominee [...]

Flood Victims Supported By QNet

The victims of the Chennai flooding in southern India have been a major cause for concern for those involved in charitable giving across the Indian sub-continent. Telugu [...]

If Jon Urbana Says It, You Should Probably Listen

Jon Urbana is someone who is quite well known not only in his home state of Colorado, but throughout the world. As a former professional lacrosse player, those who follow the [...]