If Jon Urbana Says It, You Should Probably Listen

Jon Urbana is someone who is quite well known not only in his home state of Colorado, but throughout the world. As a former professional lacrosse player, those who follow the sport are familiar with his name. Urbana never left the sport of lacrosse even after retirement. He runs the very popular Next Level Lacrosse Camp, and helps train those young persons wishing to become the next big stars in the lacrosse game.

Jon Urbana has many other interests and loves outside of the sport of lacrosse. Most impressive, he has gained quite a bit of notoriety and acclaim for his various accomplishments. A quick glance at his various other interests on his Facebook bio shows he stays active, and enjoys a diverse range of hobbies.

Check out his videos to see some of the things that appeal to him. Jon Urbana’s Vimeo account hosts a number of artistic and sentimental videos. Those who enjoy marveling at the wonders of the natural world surely are going to like checking out this video. Some of the natural marvels captured on the page are breathtaking. The earnest nature of the videos really does bring the person checking out the videos right into the actual event.

On the Vimeo page, a viewer is able to garner a glimpse at another way Jon Urbana invests his time in. The videos show he is a person who really loves aviation. Urbana does hold numerous pilot certifications. So expansive are his certifications, Jon Urbana was honored by the FAA for all his accomplishments.

Urbana is also known for his numerous business pursuits, and the lacrosse camp is not the only business endeavor he is currently affiliated with. Urbana holds an executive position at Ellipse Technologies, a firm that specializes in laser systems. Urbana’s expansive understanding of business and the market makes him a great asset to the company.

Charitable endeavors are very important to Jon Urbana. He has helped environmental causes, animal causes, and more. His GoFundMe account is very active. A number of causes are supported on the account. Those interested in giving should check it out.