Fashion and Leisure Combine to Make One

Athleisure fashion mixes the comfort of active wear with the design of forward fashion. It’s a style that is catching on so quickly that sales in the active wear style have increased over the last two years. Consumers are switching from uncomfortable denim to the comfort of athleisure wear that came from following @fabletics as is attested by the decline in denim sales over the same period of time.

An up and coming company that specializes in athleisure apparel, My Subscription Addiction can attest to the tremendous growth in popularity of the line of apparel. Fabletics has seen profits soar into the millions almost overnight and have experienced tremendous success through online sales and seven different stores.
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The future of athleisure apparel on Fabletics depends on if the different styles are a fad or if the active wear blends into more fashion styles and gains a footing in mainstream society. With more celebrities sporting the comfortable look it could be a fad that is here to stay.

When athleisure apparel from Fabletics begins to show up in all walks of life such as sporting events, high school formal dances, corporate parties, or even celebrity award shows, then athleisure will no longer be a fad, it will be here to stay.