Celebrity Myers-Briggs Personality Types Revealed


Of course, the average person relates to their favorite celebrity and would like to imagine that they share certain similar personality traits. Think about your favorite movie and television celebrity. Perhaps, you would like to relate more closely with a favorite sports figure. Well, here are a few celebrities, along with their personality type according to Jung.

The Strategist
The strategist INTP is the type with the busy mind. They are always devising new plans for the future. Celebrity INTPs include Jay-Z, Mark Zuckenberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Leader
The natural born leader or chief ETNJ is the personality type that loves a good challenge. Celebrities with this personality type include George Clooney, Bill Gates, Charlize Theron.
The Mentor
The mentor ENFJ is a true people person. Their primary focus is on people and their possibilities. They have a really deep concern about people and the ability to bring out the true talent in others. Celebrities with this personality include Oprah Winfrey, Bono, and Martin Luther King.
The Defender
The ISFJ personality is the type of person that is a great store house of information due to their great intellect and observation skills concerning people, places, and things. ISFJ famous people include Kanye West, Mother Teresa, and Kate Middleton.Supportive
These people have a genuine love for humanity. They are very warm and supportive people that use their strong sense of observation to form caring opinions about others. These people definitely would not end up as a part of the 27 club. Celebrities with this personality type ESFJ include Hugh Jackman, Penelope Cruz, Desmond Tutu.